Friday, 10 October 2008


Posted by Rosie

"Quick boys - into the car and get your seatbelts on." It is always a bit of a rush getting the boys up to the bus stop each school day, especially when you jump in the car and realise the condensation on the windscreen is in fact ice and the scraper is no-where to be found. Quick dash back into the house for a jug of cold water but remember next time to switch the windscreen wipers OFF before you throw said jug of water onto the windscreen. Luckily I only got slightly wet and it gave us all a good early morning giggle. And we got to the bus stop just in time ....phew.
Well the lovely new windows are doing their job and keeping the house nice and warm, despite the fact I only lit the fire late. I'm not sure how warm Simon was last night though. He has gone to England for a few days to go on a couple of courses (Using lime in renovation projects and building natural swimming pools) and to keep the costs down he decided to camp. The lady at the campsite did seem a little surprised when he said he'd be in a tent rather than a camper van but he went off with a sleeping bag, several additional covers, thermals, woolly Bolivian hat and gloves so fingers crossed he was warm enough!! Hopefully, the fact that even with cost of the tent and the campsite, he will have still spent a lot less money than the cheapest of hotels and that will have warmed his heart if nothing else.
For the trip, he had bought one of those throw up in two second tents, whose name may actually be a bit of an exageration. Two seconds to put up a tent? Actually it was more like half a second as you simply took it out of the bag and it exploded into shape. Pity putting it away took him about 20 minutes, 19 of which were working out which bit to fold/twist first and having to go back to the website to look at the video instructions again.


  1. I had one of those tents...It took me nearly an hour to get it re folded, even with Compostman's help.... at which point I took it back to the shop...........

    So he is not alone in struggling¬

  2. I really love the idea of a natural swimming pool - presumably you're planning one of these chez vous. I look forward to hearing more about this.

  3. Compostwoman - well Simon managed to get the tent down (although he didn't tell me how long it took!) and he said it was really snug and warm inside.

    Sue - yes, we are planning a natural swimming pool and hopefully the course Simon is attending on Monday will give him some much needed info.


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