Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A day in the kitchen

Posted by Rosie

I've got the house virtually to myself today and as rain is forecast I am going to spent the best part of it cooking. I'm planning to make:

  • Lemon curd (not done that for ages so wish me luck)
  • Cucumber and green tomato chutney
  • A couple of cakes
  • Courgette and cheese loaf (Recipe from Mellow Fruitfulness blog)
  • Loaf of bread (in the machine!)
  • Chicken stock
  • Baked pumpkin
  • Something with the blackberries I picked yesterday
  • Something with the cauliflower lurking in the fridge
  • Something with the cold roast pork also lurking in the fridge

But first, I must walk the dogs......

Maybe that will give me the inspiration I need for those last three on the list. I'll take a bowl with me and hope to get a few more blackberries although I fear they may be near the end now. They are never as nice picked in the rain and it is starting to drizzle already.

Oh and I also need to tidy the boys' pits (formally know as bedrooms). They have a friend visiting tomorrow and whilst Tom's isn't too bad you can hardly get through Ben's door. Fear not though - I will leave some mess for them to finish this evening.


  1. Thank you for the blog link Rosie! I've been getting good feedback on the recipe from people who have had live tastings and I'm glad to hear that your version came out well.


  2. How on earth do you manage to get so much done in just one day? I'm sure even without my health problems I wouldn't have been able to manage half of that.

  3. Ah - well I didn't quite finish the whole list:

    No lemon curd
    Chutney took 2 days as it needed to salt overnight
    Cauli made it to the next day

    .... and whilst I did do quite a lot of cooking I didn't do any housework or gardening!!


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