Thursday, 21 August 2008


We had a day out today with our friends and decided to visit the local velorail. A velorail is an old railway line along which you ride a bicycle buggy for up to 5 people and they are found all over France. We have 2 near us at Thury Harcourt and Pont √Črambourg and we chose the latter because it was a bit shorter (13km rather than 22km) - it's a long time since I've been on a bike although I am in the process of looking for one now that the boys are both off stabilisers and keen to go on longer rides. Anyway - back to today. We arrived just in time for the midday departure and after a talk on health and safety and what to do when you meet anyone (it's a single track!) and how to turn round we were off. And then the rain started. Just a very light rain to begin with but all too soon it became rather a downpour. Despite this we had a great time racing our friends, singing songs such as "Singin' in the Rain" and the theme tune to Casey Jones and generally being rather silly. The rain continued until approximately 1min before we got back. We were soaked but a good time had been had by all.

We were heading home after a rather soggy picnic but the sun then came out and as we had pretty much dried off we decided to visit Pont d'Ouilly. It's a really pretty little town on the River Orne and we spent a very pleasant afternoon resting our weary limbs and watching the children once again get wet playing in the river. A coffee at the local bar rounded off a very pleasant afternoon.

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