Sunday, 22 June 2008

Clem Barton

It is with great sadness that I have to write that Dad passed away last night. He died peacefully in his sleep in Minehead Hospital where the nursing staff had made sure his last few days were as comfortable as possible. So, maybe those who knew him (and perhaps even those who didn't) might like to raise a glass to the memory of Dad, know in various circles as Clem, Clemmy, Mr B. and once, in a magazine as "The Worzel Gummidge of the polo world".

J Clem Barton - 5th April 1929 to 22nd June 2008

If you wish to genuinely wish to contact me about my father, please can you email me at rosie [at] eco-gites [dot] eu. I have had to remove comments from this post due to a massive hit by Spam.


  1. sorry to hear this. Take care

  2. Searching into the past can bring sadness, but so many happy memories. I worked for Clem and Diana Barton-Mrs and Mrs B-in the late 70's at their Polo yard Williamstrip Farm. The famous Williamstrip ponies! Such a wonderful couple, they treated me as an extension to their family. The best bosses one could ever wish to have, such wonderful people, with lovely daughters. So very sad to read of Mr B's passing, a sad loss of one of life's great characters! A Long time now, but my best wishes are sent to the family. XX Jackie

  3. Dear Jackie

    How wonderful to hear from you after all these years and thank you for your kind words about Dad. I have had had to have a good think back to who you are bearing in mind how many grooms passed through Williamstrip and how long ago it was! Where are you now? I have this vague memory you left us to go into the police force (or am I muddling you up with some-one else?).

    Mum and Dad moved from Williamstrip to Exmoor in the late 80's and Mum is still there, getting older and lamer but otherwise in good health. She no longer rides unfortunately.

    I vaguely know the people who now live at Williamstrip but it is so changed - all the barns are now houses and the farmland has gone back to the estate. I'll take the boys back when they are a bit older to see where they came from as it were.

    Do please drop me an email if you want to - rosie eco-gites eu

    Rosie xx

  4. Oops - that email address didn't come out - rosie at eco-gites dot eu