Saturday, 26 April 2008

A Different Start to the Day

It's a beautiful April morning and the bedroom windows are wide open. The boys are playing quietly (it's true) downstairs. Rosie and I are planning our day and I am enjoying a cup of tea in bed.

Woof woof woof bark bark. Poppy and Saari are creating merry hell downstairs. Bit early for visitors but there was definitely something outside. I get up and look out. Nobody there. Then I notice a movement, just as Tom lets the dogs out. There is a calf in the garden and now the dogs are chasing it and barking at it. They chase it in to the area that I have nearly finished fencing off for the lambs. The calf is cornered. Poppy I get back but Saari thinks this calf chasing is great fun and continues teasing it.

Head down, nostrils snorting, hooves kicking the calf charges at Saari, who makes a run for it. So does Poppy, whose immediate thoughts are to escape into the next field. What's that, who put that there? Poppy discovers that said escape route is now cut off by a newly erected fence - and invents the new game of fence bouncing, with a mild look of surprise on her face. I get the dogs in and decide to get better attired for cow herding. Rosie arrives and starts to shepherd the calf away but unfortunately it heads to the rear of the property and the gate is closed. It gets back past her and heads towards the vegetable patch.

Now if you want to get the wrath of Rosie - not recommended but apparently not too contagious - go and run on her veg patch and then proceed to dig it up............ And that's what the calf decided to do. It could have at least dug up the bit that needed digging over but oh no, it was the garlic and turnips that got it. I arrive back and hear Rosie dulcet tones 'I am now not finding this funny any more'.

With a bit more chasing around we eventually sent the calf on its way and there was not too much damage to the veg patch. Hopefully the dogs have scared it because it now knows we have good grass here and we don't really want it back.

Well that got us out of bed didn't it?

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