Friday, 18 April 2008

Back Home

Back home again after a week in the UK visiting my sister in Derbyshire and Rosie's parents on Exmoor. Quite a trip. One of the reasons for our visit was to go to the Home Building and Restoration Show at the NEC Brimingham. Here we wanted to look at some of the products for our eco-gites and as with any of these exhibitions we left laden with leaflets, books and brains whirling with ideas, different options and plans. Overall it was a useful exercise although we are still getting over the shock of having to pay £8.00 to park the car, then there was the sandwiches etc.

We took the boys to various places in both The Peaks and on Exmoor. My sister took the boys to the farm and adventure playground at Chatsworth House when we were at the NEC which they really enjoyed. Well it was a busy but fruitful and enjoyable trip to the UK and we were all tired on our return.

Our plans for this weekend have taken a knock as it the 24th Rallye National Suisse Normande ( and one section of the rally is passing the end of our track so the lane will be closed all day on Sunday to the public. This lane is quite narrow and has some interesting corners on it so it will be interesting to watch the cars racing through.

There is also an open day at a local organic farm with various events on. This is obviously of interest to us so we will probably go to that on Sunday afternoon, but will have to leave the car at some neighbours who are not affected by the rally.

I have the fencing to erect ready for the arrival of the lambs and will make a start this weekend. We bought some of it today, but the weather does not look too promising. Oh well have to watch the rally instead.

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