Monday, 24 March 2008

Last week was quite busy. I returned to the UK on Sunday as I had a funeral on the Monday. As I was in the UK I took the opportunity to catch up with some friends and also did the 'English shop' - cheddar cheese, Branston pickle, crumpets etc ,etc. I also bought apple trees for our orchard. Bramleys, coxes and other types are not available here and we are not keen on Granny Smith or Golden (not very) Delicious. Even more trees to plant now. I returned to France on the Wednesday evening.

Thursday we went and collected the rest of the new windows from the supplier in Caen. So loads of trees to plant and 9 windows to replace. Apart from the obvious reasons for replacing the windows, e.g. double glazed, draught and leak free, I will now be able to swot wasps without breaking a pane of glass, as I did last summer. A lesson learnt that old glass is very thin.

Friday pottered around and got things ready for Saturdays hedge laying day. Good Friday is not a holiday in France so the boys were at school. One job I did get done was to fix the postbox to the wall - its only taken me seven months - unfortunately I had to repair the postbox first as the wind blew it in front of the car and Rosie ran over it. Hence why the job was done!

Friday evening we had a lovely meal at some French friends. It was an enjoyable evening with excellent food and wine. Finished off with the inevitable glass of Calvados (bottled 1968) - v. strong.

The hedge laying day was a total wash out due to weather conditions, snow, rain, sleet, strong winds and very cold. Two couples turned up so we sat around chatting for most of the day. We ended the day eating hot crumpets and golden syrup in front of the fire - all very English. Sunday the weather was no better but I did manage to have a lovely 2 hour walk with the dogs and more wild flowers are coming out, otherwise not much else was achieved, although Rosie cooked a fabulous Sunday roast. Ah, one of those lovely lazy Sundays.

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