Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Frost Flowers

On Wednesdays Tom and Ben do not have school so we took them to Ouga Ouga today (see links). Ouga Ouga is a soft play area with slides, trampolines and bouncy castles etc. The idea was to wear them out but I think Rosie and I are more worn out from just sitting around watching. The boys were being really horrible this morning so at least it stopped them being at each others throats for the whole day, well at least until bed time. They had a really good time and Tom said he 'enjoyed it loads'. Well we at least got that right.

The surrounding countryside is lovely and we have discovered some great walks. Last Saturday was a very cold frosty day but sunny. Great for a winter walk. Poppy and Saari had a good run around and not only did we have an enjoyable walk we also had time to take some photos. This photo is of 'frost flowers' and they only happen in certain conditions. They were fascinating and look like wigs. This link to Wikipedia will tell you more about them

So if you are planning to come over there are plenty of lovely walks with few roads and hardly any vehicles if you do have to use the roads.

Apart from little jobs around the place we have been helping coppice some friends hazel and I'm now getting materials to lay the hedges and also fire wood fo next year. We have had to pay for fire wood this year - the first time ever so hopefully I can do clearance for people and get firewood - don't like paying for it. We have architects coming this week to help with the planning. As one barn, we want to convert, is bigger than a certain square metreage we have to have them in so we may us well get them in to do the lot. They will help with getting the planning permission etc. This should make life a little easier and help get the renovation side of the project off the ground.

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