Wednesday, 26 November 2014

New (ish) books and toys for the gite

Posted by Rosie

The boys have been having a grand sort out in their bedrooms.  Ben has pretty much outgrown the bunk bed he has had for 4 about years (he regularly now bumps his head on the ceiling when he sits up!) so he needs to be brought back down to earth as it were.  Tom needs to get back into his room now the wasp nest has been removed but before either of these take place we thought it would be the perfect time for them to have a sort out.  

Junk and broken things were thrown away whilst books and toys, now outgrown, were piled up on the landing.  Some of the books we will try and sell on the local expat site but if that fails we may see if the local library wants them to boost their rather meagre English section.  Within the piles of books and bags of soft toys were some though, that I just could not bring myself to get rid of.  Books I absolutely loved reading to the boys, toys that that hold special memories or just books with wonderful illustrations.  That is where having a gite is a great advantage and today I took 2 piles of books and a large bag of soft toys into the gite. Hopefully these will bring many happy hours of play and reading to our younger guests.

New (ish) books and toys for the gite

The pile to the left are all books in French and with more French guests now staying it's nice to know there will be books for them too!  And we do know that our younger visitors enjoy our books and toys: this was the comment left in our Visitor's Book by guests who stayed here this weekend:

"A lovely cosy gite is a beautiful setting and great toys and books (including Thomas The Tank Engine - all we need!). Thank you very much Rosie, Simon, Tom and Ben for such a warm welcome and delicious food ... and piglets!"

Whilst we cannot always guarantee newborn piglets there will always be a good selection of toys and books for children of all ages.

Do you find it difficult to part with certain toys and books?  Have you some favourites you just cannot let go?

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