Thursday, 4 September 2014

On the Bridge from Summer to Autumn

Posted by Rosie

It's September.
The children are back at school.
The weather is absolutely gorgeous (How typical is that!)

The daytime temperatures may still say it is Summer, but there is now an air of Autumn about the place.  The mornings are cool, misty and full of dew-laden cobwebs, set to brush against your face.  The hedges are filling with Autumn's bounty and there is change afoot in the vegetable and fruit garden.  We may not be done with Summer just yet, but Autumn is waiting there in the wings and we are certainly on the bridge to a new season.

September Morning

Sunflowers on a sunny September day in Normandy

Runner Beans may traditionally be thought of as a summer crop but I always seem to get my best crops in early Autumn.  Following the recent wetter weather and now with the warm sunshine the result is some really long beans.

A sure sign of Autumn is the orange glow from a swelling pumpkin. 

In the fruit garden there are cultivated blackberries to be had although this year the birds seem to getting more than me.  It's not a problem though.  Take a walk out along the paths around Eco-Gites of Lenault and you will see that the hedgerows are simply dripping with wild fruits - far more than the birds could possibly devour.  We will be feasting on blackberry crumble this year then!  It won't be blackberry and apple though, as you would know if you read my garden update blog last 2 week ago  ... our 2014 apple crop was appalling!

Blackberries ripe for picking if I can beat the birds

Autumn raspberries beginning to swell

Oops - no-one told this strawberry that we are almost in Autumn

And just because it was such a fabulous day when I took these photos and the grass was dry enough to lie on, here is the polytunnel from a slightly different angle.  And no, I have not messed with the colours - the sky really was that blue!  


Finally a picture of the gite as seen from the veg patch.  Is that a slight hint of autumn leaf colour to be seen in our lime tree?


I am linking up with Annie's weekly gardening blog linky over at Manneskjur.  Why not pop over and see if other gardens are still in summer or whether they are all on the bridge to Autumn?



  1. oh..... i love autumn and wish there were signs of it here. unfortunately summer is still in full force here

  2. That pumpkin is fab, would love to grow some. Also that spider web, I need to wake up a but earlier to catch them before the kids run riot in the garden

  3. It's just all so lovely that it makes me want to hop on a ferry and see it for myself!
    Such a blue sky and I am loving those long beans - our have had a second wind here too which the guinea pigs and I are loving (the only ones who'll actually eat them in this household!)
    That swelling pumpkin is a nod to Autumn ahead - seeing everything growing so well must be such a good feeling Rosie. Thanks for joining in and sharing again :)

  4. Wow your garden is blooming! I am so amaze on how you dont need to shop. Everything is just there ready and so fresh! #hdygg

  5. My autumn raspberries are in full flow, as are my brambles. I know what you mean about the hint of Autumn in the air-today I watched leaves falling from the tree like rain. Your garden is looking lovely, I agree with Annie in wanting to pop over and see for myself :)

  6. There's definitely a hint of autumn in the air now. Even on sunny days the sun hasn't quite got the summer strength to it. I don't think we will get a blue sky like yours until next year now.


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