Saturday, 26 July 2014

I reveal that ...

Posted by Rosie

Last Saturday I gave you a list of 21 things about me, 20 of which were true and one which was false and asked if you could work out which the false statement.  One week on and lots of guesses later I can reveal that no-one correctly guessed the wrong fact but one person did say that the false fact also applied to them!

So - which of the facts was wrong?

Drum roll please ...........

It was No 5.  I am NOT ticklish at all.  As a child I was and my father would hold me to the floor and tickle me relentlessly so I taught myself not to be ticklish much to my relief and his annoyance!

What about the other facts then?

1.  I used to be able to do the splits - yup, but not any more!
2.  I am right-handed - I am but if you throw something at me suddenly I will invariably catch it with my left hand.
3.  I have been called the Queen of Pavlova - Thank you Rachel Gillon who blogs over at "A Wee Pinch of Sugar" for giving me this title.  Pavlova is the pudding I offer guests at Eco-Gites of Lenault for first night supper.

One of my pavlovas

4.  I went to Newcastle University - where I studied Agriculture and Environmental Science.
5.  I am extremely ticklish - NOPE - not me!
6.  I have never watched Game of Thrones - So, should I? 
7.  I can pluck and gut poultry - A skill I learnt soon after moving to France!
8.  My first ever job was analysing cow poo - sadly it was.  I worked at the Vet College at South Mimms and had a walk-in freezer full of cow poo samples to analyse for worm numbers.  Smelly!  My second job was analysing beef burgers. Enough said!

9.  I have an ancestor called Fanny Willey - but the poor girl died in infancy, possibly from embarrassment.
10.  I dislike sunbathing - I overheat too easily, get burnt and become far too fidgety.  I'd rather get my tan working in the veg garden.
11.  I got married in a red dress - It actually was called raspberry but to all intents and purposes it was red.

12.  I have never eaten a Krispey Kreme doughnut - never once has one passed my lips and I do not even know if you can buy them in Normandy.  Anyone know?

Would I like a Krispey Kreme?

13.  I can wiggle one nostril up and down - I discovered this fact in a music lesson and then got sent to out of the class for not concentrating on what-ever it was I was supposed to be learning.
14.  Some sticking plasters bring me out in a rash - a really itchy rash too :(

15.  I really don't like avocados - it's the texture more than the taste though, as I quite like guacamole.
16.  I have not worn make-up since 1994 - the last time was on our wedding day and even then a friend made me up.  I always end up smudging it and don't  like the feel of "stuff" on my face.
17.  I once got to travel in the back of a police car with the blues and twos going whilst searching for a bicycle thief - it was rather exciting and I was beaming all the way.  Unfortunately we never found the thief but we did at least stop him stealing a bike that day.

18.  I have groomed several of Prince Charles' polo ponies - as well as being a farmer my father also trained polo ponies.  In fact that was his real love and for 2 years he trained up Prince Charles's young ponies so whilst they were with us, I got to groom them!  Terrible pictures, I know but here are 2 pictures of my favourite, a grey mare called Frivolity.

Top picture, my father riding Frivolity. 
Bottom picture, Prince Charles riding Frivolity

19.  My favourite wild animals are hares and hippos - I get to see lots of hares round here but never once have I seen a hippo #sigh
20.  I used to live in a row of cottage nicknamed "Sin City" - yes and maybe the less said about that the better .... ;)
21.  I am a cancer and today (July 19th) is my birthday - well, last Saturday was my birthday and thank you very much for all the birthday wishes you sent.

So now you know just a little bit more about me and that I am not ticklish!
Have you any odd or interesting facts to share about yourself? 


  1. David Mitchell26 July 2014 at 11:00

    Yes, you should

    1. That's one vote for Game of Thrones. Any more?

  2. Thanks for the reveal lol

  3. Wow, I did not read your post last week but i can say, this whole concept of making your readers simple superb. Love this hide & seek act...especially for regular visitors it will be a great treat.

    1. Thank you - perhaps you will do the same on your blog. If you do, let me know and I'll come and have a guess!

  4. Nice to meet you, Rosie Hill! What a lovely idea!
    Looking forward to more ... Why do you thin no one guessed the false item? I hope that you still laugh everyday even without the tickles! HUGS <3

    1. Hi Judy! I suppose what I meant was no-one who actually commented on the blog or Twitter etc actually guessed correctly. Maybe lots of people got it right but never told me! I do think I laugh every day too :)

  5. You are The Queen of Pavlova indeed!!! xxLorena

    1. Merci, Lorena. Come back to the gite soon and have another pavlova :)

  6. You will not like Game of Thrones, I think it is wonderful!!!!!! J xx

    1. I shall have to watch an episode to see if you are right!

  7. I was convinced you'd be left handed as it's not something that people think to mention unless they are! Oh well... I don't think you've missed much by never eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut, really not a favourite of mine!

    1. I suspect I may well not like the doughnuts either - too sweet for me!

  8. Oh, this is fun. I was going for the right handed being false. You had a great list. Said "me too" to a few, which is always fun! Not the cow poo one though.

    1. Thank you - gad you enjoyed it. You should do your own list.


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