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Normandy in June

Posted by Rosie

Events, Exhibitions and Festivals in Normandy 

June 2104

Normandy has something to offer tourists all through the year and this year is even more special with both the celebrations for the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings in June and the World Equestrian Games in August/September.  These are far from the only events on this year and here is a taste of some of the varied events, exhibitions and festivals waiting for everyone who is in Normandy this June.

June events in Normandy

Every Thursday through June and July:  
'Les jeudis du Pin' at Le Haras du Pin (stud) - the chance to see a weekly display of dressage, show-jumping and fine horsemanship.

Photo from Le Haras du Pin

Up to October:
'Leaving the War behind. From the Battle of Normandy through to Reconstruction' an exhibition that will be travelling around Calvados

Up to the end of October:
'Cherbourg... and Freedom came from the Sea', an exhibition at La Cité de la Mer, Cherbourg, Manche showing the work of the American troops in the days following the liberation of the port of Cherbourg

Until December:
'Grandma what was it like during the war?' an exhibition at Juno Beach Centre, Courseulles-sur-Mer, Calvados showing the war-time experiences of Norman and Canadian civilians, mainly of children, from 1940 to 1944

Until December:
'100 objects from the 100 days of the Battle of Normandy'.  An exhibition at the Caen Memorial, Calvados recounting the conflict which led to the Liberation of Paris and Western Europe putting the emphasis on objects which are remarkable or previously unseen.

14th June - August 23rd:
Rendez-vous à la Cathédrale', Bayeux, Calvados.  A sound and light show around the cathedral, at dusk, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Photo from Animations Estivals - Bayeux Catherdral

21st June:
Fête de la Musique, across Normandy. This National Music Day is celebrated with music brought to the streets of every Normandy town.

28th - 29th June:
'Rétrofestival', Caen, Calvados. A Vintage car festival with over 500 vintage cars including post-war and Liberation vehicles

If you are looking for accommodation when attending any of these events we do still have some availability in June and July:  Click here to go to our prices and availability page or scan through the list of dates below:

Sun June 1st - Tues June 3rd (short break)
Mon June 9th - Sat July 5th (3 full weeks available and one shorter break)
Sat July 13th - Tues July 15th (weekend break that includes Bastille Day)
Thurs July 17th - Sat July 27th (9 day break possible)
Dates after September 13th
Christmas 2014

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  1. I love checking to see if there are any events happening in an area I will be visiting. Sounds like Normandy has a lot of events throughout the year.

    1. Hopefully you will come and visit us in Normandy one day soon then - there certainly is plenty to see and do. Your trip to Iceland looked wonderful although I think I would miss trees if I was to live there all the time.

  2. My highschool did an exchange with a school in the Normandy. I was in Lyon though the Normandy seemed to be pretty interesting with all the historic sites. And I guess the beaches must be lovely too. There's this famous French song about the sea which we had to translate during French lesson at school (no idea what it's called though, it's been some years...) but from what I've seen on pictures, it definitely has a lot of charm and fits that melancholic song if this makes any sense ;)

    1. Normandy is definitely a charming area - do come and visit us sometime!

  3. My French Canadian room mate just sat with me and tried to help me pronounce some of these words. We learned that I suck at French. I would love to go Normandy - such interesting history.

    1. Do come and see us Sammy - Normandy is just bursting with history and so beautiful.

  4. Plenty on in your parts this summer Rosie; plenty down here too including the Cannes Film Festival which starts today. When are you coming for some southern sun?

    1. One day I will make it down to you - probably not in summer though, I don't do too much heat! Are you going to the Festival?


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