Monday, 28 April 2014

Cars, pigs and a bad few days for the dog!

Posted by Rosie

Car Rally, Sausages and Saari recuperating
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It's been a bad few days for Saari.

For a start she is moulting so I have been grooming her lots.  Saari hates being groomed which is a slight problem when you are a Husky x Alsation and have A LOT of fur to moult.

Because she is moulting there is hair everywhere so I have been hoovering lots.  Saari hates the hoover!

Then there was a car rally here this weekend.  Now Saari wasn't afraid of cars but she WAS afraid of everyone who was watching the rally.  After all there were old men there, they are really scary.  And children with umbrellas.

Did I mention umbrellas.  Saari hates the rain and it rained this weekend.

And I caught her raiding the duck food - bad dog.

Then she decided when the cars backfired that she was frightened of them.  Poor Saari.

But none of this was as bad as the butcher being here though.  Saari is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of him.  He must smell of death to her because surely any dog would otherwise love the meaty smells he no doubt also exudes.  We know the moment he arrives because Saari starts howling in a wolf-like but also very scared way that she retains solely for the butcher.  As we open the door to let him in, she is off, barking/howling at him from a safe distance and not settling until long after he is gone.

Yup - it has been a bad few days for Saari.

For us though it has been good and bad.  The rally meant we couldn't access or leave our house for most of the day but we are far enough away from the road for it not to be too annoying.  Our lovely neighbour, Bernadette, who is right on the road, had hoards of family staying so the boys had plenty of friends to play with as well as another friend here on a sleep-over and to watch the rally.  

Tom, Ben, Simon + friends NOT watching the rally!
Me?  I watched a few cars but found it far too boring so came home and spent the rest of the day processing pork.  The butcher had slaughtered one of our pigs* and made sausages and mince leaving me to make burgers, pâté, faggots, stir-fry strips, bacon, ham and chorizo (Hugh F-W's cheat's version).  And for Saari I'll cook up some offcuts for her, in a vain attempt to cheer up her otherwise bad few days!

Faggots - do you love them or hate them?

How was your weekend?  Hopefully better than Saari's!

* for those in the know who have visited us here at Eco-Gites of Lenault, Peardrop is still here and it was Isadora who we bid farewell too. She had become infertile and with a new breeding sow bought we needed to reduce our numbers.  She had a lovely life, a very quick end and will feed us for many months to come.


  1. Oh, poor Saari! That sounds like a bad run for her!

    1. Mind you being that she is afraid of so many things it is not hard for her to have a bad day!

  2. Oh my word poor Saari, not a good week at all! She wouldn't be impressed I found your post so entertaining either! Sounds like you've been very busy processing pork, bet it will taste delicious. We've been to Butlins for the first time (in Bognor) this weekend so had much fun - v. tired now mind! Have a good week #whatsthestory

    1. Holidays are so tiring aren't they? I won't tell Saari you found her bad few days amusing ;)

  3. Wow what a lot of things you make with mince! I'm not even sure what a faggot is or how on earth you would make it or cook it! Hope Saari enjoyed her offcuts though. #whatsthestory

    1. Faggots are a liver, mince and other offal large meat ball. You tend to either love them or hate them!

  4. Ooh proper faggots - yum! Poor Saari - to a good week for her. #whatsthestory


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