Friday, 27 December 2013

Beach, Boxing Day Dip and BBQ

Season's Greetings to all

With similar weather patterns to the UK, but only catching the edge of what the UK caught, we had rather a wet and blowy Christmas period and did not expect any let up. 

But yesterday turned out sunny and mild, with a chilly wind.  So we decided to take the dogs up to Ouistreham beach for a bit of an 'apres' Christmas exercise, and the clients staying in the gite joined us.

It was very pleasant at the beach.  The sun shining and the tide not out too far - just how Saari likes it - she is very fussy about the height of the tide and if it is fully in she sulks and doesn't want to be on the beach!.  The  dogs, therefore, had a good run around, especially Poppy who insisted that her ball was constantly thrown for her. Although she is a little stiff today and taking it easy in front of the wood burner at this moment in time.

The boys have decided that they are starting the Ouistreham Boxing Day Swim Club.  And after being on the beach a few minutes headed back to the car, put on their wetsuits and in they went. They had a great time running in and out of the waves.

Now when we went to the beach a couple of weeks ago (tide in, Saari sulked) and the boys decided going in the sea fully clothed, even though they had their wetsuits, was a good idea. Unbeknown to Rosie and I, Tom had not put in a spare set of clothing as told too, so had a bit of a cold ride home dressed in his wetsuit and a pair of Rosie's socks! (he has banned us from showing the photo!).  So at least this time, having learnt his lesson, he was fully prepared.

We had a lovely couple hours at the coast and then after a cup of hot chocolate, headed home for a BBQ.  

A BBQ - not the usual thing for a Boxing Day and it was all started off a little 'tongue in cheek'. I had been landscaping the front of our house (future post) and said to Rosie that now the patio area is finished we need to have a BBQ. When the gite guests arrived the husband (Pablo) saw the BBQ and said wouldn't it be great to have a Christmas BBQ.  With the weather being as it is none of as expected it to happen.

So the weather still sunny and mild we decide to go ahead and have a Boxing day BBQ.  A joint effort with the gite guests. Chops, sausage and ribs, ratouille and other veg and of course mulled wine.  Although the temperature dropped, we piled up the logs and wrapped up warm, and with help from the mulled wine had our Christmas BBQ.


  1. What a great activity for Boxing Day! I'll bet it blew the cobwebs away :)

    Happy New Year to you Eco-Gites folks! Sadly it doesn't look like we will be able to come this year but will look at 2015 as a time when we can come again?

  2. And Happy New Year to all of you Willis's :)

    Sad we won't be seeing you in 2014 but something to look forward to in 2015!


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