Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rugby World Cup Wales V England

Final Score
Not many people, it seems, know this but England won the rugby world cup on Sunday evening.  Eventually beating Wales 23 to 15 in an interesting match.  And Tom and I, with our friend, Ian, were there to witness this fact. Yes, the England under twenties won the Junior World Cup 2013 held here in France.

I had, by chance, found out this event was on, despite very little media attention and watched the highlights of the England under twenties beating the New Zealand Baby Blacks, for the first time in this competition, in the semi final. The final was to be help in the Stade de la Rabine in Vannes.  Which is about a 3 hour drive from here and I managed to get tickets for. 

England receive the Cup
Vannes is it Brittany therefore, in a packed stadium the Celtic population were definitely supporting their Welsh Cousins but nevertheless there were quite a few England supporters and a great atmosphere was to be had in the stadium.  We didn't have seats, only standing at pitch side so the view was a little restricted but we didn't let that spoil our enjoyment.

England had a poor first half and made many errors and let Wales score a couple of tries.  The first half finished 15-3 to Wales. Plus in the last minute the England no. 5 was sinned bin for ten minutes. It looked like England had met their match and were in for a punishing second half and so by the chants of Wales and Pays de Galles ringing around the stadium most of the crowd thought so as well.

Tom with Harry Sloan (no.13)
 The teams came out for the second half and England managed to keep the Welsh at bay for the first 9 minutes whilst still down a man.  No 5 returned to the fray and then the England forwards outclassed the Welsh.  Eventually they silenced the crowd (except the England supporters) and won the half 20-0.  It was a great turn around performance and made the trip to Vannes all the more worthwhile.

We stayed and watched the medal and cup presentation and spoke to some of the players afterwards.  Tom was really happy to have his photo taken with Harry Sloan and his winners medal. Well done England and maybe we'll be seeing these guys playing for the England 1st XV in the future.

A great evenings entertainment albeit with the long drive either end.  Tom really enjoyed his full trip to a stadium, although he was very tired by the time we got home.

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