Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wet Weather Fun in Normandy

Posted by Rosie

OK - so we could cross our fingers behind our backs and say that, unlike much of the rest of France and the UK, we are having wonderful Spring weather, warm and sunny with just the merest hint of a balmy breeze.  BUT ... I don't think for one moment anyone would believe us!  The truth is of course that we are having the same unseasonally cold, wet and windy Spring as everyone else.  However just because it's wet and cold there are still many things to do for adults and children alike here in Normandy.  Below are just a few ideas that spring to mind - some we have visited and others are still on out "To Visit" list.

Zoo de Jurques - just a few miles down the road with plenty of shelters where you can view the animals from. Our particular favourites are the white lions, the black panthers and the meerkats.

Falaise Castle - we have not been since they have completely revamped all the displays at this castle, the birthplace of William the Conqueror, although guests who left today went twice last week because their 3 year old son loved it all so much!

World War II Museums - anyone with an interest in the D-Day Landings of WWII will be spoilt for choice with museums to visit, road tours to take and if the rain stops, cemeteries and the beaches themselves to see.  One word of warning - we would not advise taking younger children into the Caen Memorial Museum as in our opinion it is very graphic with lots of text to read which is not children-friendly.  We went when the boys were 7 and 8 and I really wasn't ready to explain some of the horrors of war that are on display there. There is however a crèche where you can leave children.

Soft Play Areas - there are 2 at Caen - Ouga Ouga where we used to go loads when the boys were younger and Girafou where we have not been but I have heard good reports.  Beware though, at Ouga Ouga, you "buy" your food by having things ticked off on a card and pay on leaving so you can end up paying more than you realise if you are not careful - there is however no problem taking in your own food - or at least this wasn't an issue when we went a couple of years ago.

Laser Quest - for older children who have outgrown soft play area this could be a good solution.  We have yet to go although we are being nagged by the boys and from what I can work out it is like paint-balling but inside and without the paint!  There is one next to Ouga and Ouga and another at Flers.

Bowling - another good form of entertainment for older children with alleys at Flers and Vire.

Miniature Railway at Clécy - a brilliant visit for small children.  There is an extensive miniature railway laid out with lots of details to spot as well as a sit-on railway to have a ride on.  Thomas The tank Engine fans will love it!!

Swimming Pools - I can think of 4 pools all within 30 minutes of here - all have baby, shallow and deeper pools with large and small slides as well as bubble pools and currents at at least 2 of them.  Great fun for swimmers of all ages.

Bayeux and THAT tapestry - you really cannot come to Normandy and not visit the Bayeux Tapestry.  It really is a wonderful piece of work and as well as the tapestry there is also a large shop, museum and film to watch (every second showing in in English).

Shopping - if you fancy stocking up on some French goodies there is a large indoor shopping centre at Mondeville on the outskirts of Caen.  Bayeux has a good range of individual shops you can dash in and out of between showers before having a leisurely lunch in one of the many restaurants.

This is by far from a complete list.  There really is so much to do in Normandy what-ever the weather throws at you.  And you never know - the sun may come out one day soon and then you can head out and enjoy Normandy's wonderful sandy beaches:
Beach fun in Normandy
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  1. A great list but please, please can we have some sunshine?


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