Sunday, 21 April 2013

What's the Difference.....

.....between a night car rally and a day car rally?

Now before I get emails saying the obvious like 'well in the day it's light and at night it's dark',  'cars have there lights on at night and the stars are out' plus other similar statements , I have to say not a
lot really.

Great for taking night photos of the car lights but otherwise, apart from the usual loud roaring noise every few minutes and a few back fires from the cars, it was even more boring than watching them in the day.  At least in daylight you can see the colour of the cars!

And I suppose I could use the photos for a new competition - like spot the ball - such as 'where's the car?'  Well as the photographer even I'm not sure exactly where they are.

So these are photos I took of this years Suisse Normandie Car Rally which passed our house this afternoon and evening.  Normally it has been held here on a Sunday in the day, but this year we were treated to a different day and time.  So at least I can post some alternative photos this time. 

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