Friday, 15 March 2013

There Snow Power!

Snow Dog
I have two posts to write up but have decided to write the second one first.  The other blog is about the week skiing I had with Tom and Ben, which in itself was very eventful.  But it feels right to write about the snow we had here this week first.

The boys and I arrived home Sunday evening from our skiing holiday. Rosie had picked us up from Caen Station and told us that we were due snow on Monday.  What none of realised was how much snow.

Monday morning we woke up to a light fall of snow and as we had to collect my 4x4 from the garage in Flers (it had been serviced whilst I was in the Alps). We took Tom into school (Ben's absence will be posted next).  In the village where the school is there was more snow than us, but it still was not too bad. In Flers ii was raining and after picking up the car we returned home.  Conditions were still not too bad and it looked like the rain was going to win the day.  Little did we know.

But when we got home, around lunch time, we found that we had a power cut which had started at 11:30am.  Ben and our latest Help-x'er, Victoria (Tori) had been playing on the computer when the electric went off. Luckily for us we had the wood burner for heat and a gas hob to cook on, otherwise everything is electric and as all our phones are cordless - we had no phones except our mobiles (and we couldn't charge them plus the car charger wouldn't work). Our neighbour had rung EDF and was told the power would be on at 3pm.

Candle Lit Dinner
3pm came and went and no power.  The snow continued to fall and I went and collected Tom from school.  The roads were not too bad but the wind was blowing hard and snow drifts were forming.  The school had also had a power cut and as we found out later so did much of Normandy.  Candles were got ready and as day turned to night we got the feeling that the power was not going to be restored. We were proved right.

Tuesday morning the snow was still falling and by now we had about 30cms and still no electric. Compared to other areas we were lucky with the amount of snowfall. The school was closed but there was no way we could get out, even if it was open. The wind was still blowing and in areas the drifts were a metre deep.  We walked down our drive to the neighbours and that was a hard slog. Our neighbour told us the power was now due to go on at 8pm this evening - none of us held out much hope.  And once again it was a candle lit evening.
More than Waist Deep
Wednesday morning at least it was not snowing as much. And we still had no power.  Being outside was not the most pleasant of experiences. Feeding the animals took quite a while as the snow had drifted up against the gates so they had to be cleared.  Pigs do not take kindly to their meals being delayed.  Once the animals were fed we sat indoors and played games with Tom and Ben. And the power came on - after 50 hours. And then the sun came out.

The dogs got short walks most days but the drifts made it hard work. On Wednesday afternoon Tori and I ventured out for a longer walk with the dogs.  The snow was at times very deep in places and by the time we returned home our boots were full of snow and it was a very tiring walk. Unlike the dogs as we climbed over he snow drifts we sunk down into it and had to climb out.  But it was a pleasant walk and nice to get out.

Snow Clearance
Thursday morning friends had asked us if we could look after their two children as they had to go to work and once again there was no school.  So with the aid of the digger I cleared the drive and outside the house.  It was warmer and the snow started to melt.  And one of the pigs ploughed her way through the snow when demanding her dinner.


Today is colder and the snow has not melted any, more but the forecast is for warmer weather and rain.  The roads have been cleared but in places are very icy. But apart from a few jobs we have stayed indoors keeping warm. Rosie had a list of jobs to do with Tori but it was all outside gardening work but she has been a great help entertaining two bored boys, especially when they had no TV or computer time.

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  1. That quite a bit of snow there!
    We once had a power outage for 4 days and decided to buy a big petrol generator in case it happened again. We had to drive 2 hours to Auckland as our local shops had all sold out! When we got back home the power was on again... however at least are better prepared should it happen again!


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