Wednesday, 27 February 2013

English Lessons as Suppplied by Tom and Ben

I wrote this post a few days ago but didn't get to publish it  - so now trying to catch up on my New Years resolution.

The other day I had to take  Ben and a couple of friends, Corentin and Baptiste, (brothers) into Flers for their rugby training.  As Rosie was in the UK I had Tom with me (he has given up Rugby for Athletics - another blog, another time).

The boys were chatting and I was pretty sure, judging by the giggling, it was 'schoolboy humour'.  Corentin was gabbing along in rapid French when in mid sentence I heard 'blah, blah, blah, willie. Followed by fits of giggles.  I looked at Tom and said 'Have you and Ben been teaching English?'  'Yes, some words' was the reply.  'I can imagination' was my respond.  So two French boys, now knowing I knew that they knew the word 'willie' , used it rather a lot for the next few minutes.
Normally I take to rugby and Corentin and Baptiste's mother, Gwenaël, bring the boys back.  But this time, as I had things to do in Flers, I was doing the home run as well and Gwenaël was picking her sons up from our house later.

On the way back I was cut up by a car and from the back sit a French voice (Baptiste) says 'bloody driver' followed by giggles. I had to ask the question.  'And what else have you taught them?'  The reply of 'you don't want to know Dad', was not really reassuring.  Nevertheless I thought I'd better correct their newly learnt English.

So when Gwenaël arrived to pick her sons up I told her my tale of English lessons and the words her sons had been taught and I did add that I had had to correct one phrase.  I had told her sons that 'bloody driver' was not a correct thing to say and it should be 'bloody French driver! 

And the bruises have healed now!

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