Friday, 5 October 2012

More French Outdoor Arty Stuff

Posted by Rosie

Some of you may remember the Virevolt├ęs Art Festival friends and I went to back in the summer and how it was, well, a bit weird to say the least. Undeterred however, a few weeks later I braved another outdoor arty evening. Would it be weird? Would I like it? Would I understand it? ... No, Yes ... Yes!!

The free event was at Vassy, a small town a few kms from us and was called Le Carrousel des Moutons (the sheep roundabout). I went with a friend and we were not expecting anything too brilliant. What we got was an hour of the simplest yet most amazing theatre. An hour of music and acrobatics, comedy and revolving pianos. 

Le Carrousel des Moutons come from Belgium and have taken their show all around the world. If they ever turn up somewhere near you I recommend you go. It certainly has put back (some) of my faith in French outdoor theatre! 10/10

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