Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pumpkin Harvest 2012

Posted by Rosie

With the bad weather earlier in the year, my pumpkin plants were very late to get going and what I was really hoping for was a long, warm autumn to allow them to catch up. In fairness, September has had some lovely days, BUT we have already had 4 frosts so I decided that I couldn't risk leaving them out in the garden any longer and I would have to harvest them today. 

This was my pumpkin patch this morning - not looking too hopeful on the pumpkin front I thought and already showing frost damage in the middle.

 But I sent in my brave harvesters to see what they could find:

We've found one Mum!

In fact, Mum, we've found quite a few ...

 We really like these two:

And would you believe THIS is how many we harvested. WOW!!

Anyone for pumpkin  pie, soup, cake, risotto, roast ..... ?


  1. Oh wow, I have pumpkin patch envy!!! I can't grow them here at all - too high up/cold but at least we haven't had frosts yet!

  2. I was beginning to wonder whether I would manage this year with all the bad weather. I am a bit worried they won't store too well as some are not totally ripe. That said, any that begin to go soft/rotten go to the pigs who love them. Do you get many frosts? Ours seem to be going on later in the Spring (May 28th last year)and starting earlier in the Autumn each year (mid Sept).

  3. I am so impressed! Mine have been abysmal this year compared to last but in fairness I think we in the northpole of France (Pas-de-Calais) have had more rain than you! Gorgeous...

  4. Thank you Janine. I did have plenty of failures this year though. No carrots, turnips, swede, strawberries, beetroot and cabbages and the fruit was poor. Let's hope the rain is more fairly distributed next year!


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