Sunday, 30 September 2012

Blog Catch Up

Still Here - even after this ride!
Well my last post on here was 'Oh for a Rest!' and I have definitely had a rest from writing posts on our blog.  As I have a few things I want to blog about I'm going to try and have a Lenault Blog Week (or two) to catch up.

I have been quite busy helping a few friends out with work, working on starting a business up (more about that at a later date) and as it has been the summer holidays, I've done a few things with the boys and, of course,  got hooked on some London sporting event.

Yes quite often I'd turn on the TV to see what was going on at the Olympics/Para-Olympics and that was that for the rest of the day and evening.  Thoroughly enjoyed it all.  We have had many French friends say how good it was and how much they enjoyed it, especially the opening ceremonies. Rosie was even stopped at the market by someone asking if she was English and than told her how good they thought the Olympics was.  The French press was not that complimentary but that was a case of 'sour grapes' I would think. 

The gite was constantly booked the whole summer. In fact it was pretty well booked from April right through to the middle of September.  We then have October half term booked and three bookings already for next year.  The beginning of the summer was not the best for weather but everyone who stayed seemed to enjoy themselves.

Now, that autumn is rapidly approaching and the days getting shorter, I will post blogs on a camping trip, a cycle ride, a museum talk on the re-construction of Vire after WW2 and our day at the races, plus some other bits and pieces.  So over the next few days please dip into the blog and catch up with me (now I've committed myself). And I believe Rosie has few posts to catch with too.

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