Sunday, 5 August 2012

Beating back the Brambles

Posted by Rosie

The corner of the polytunnel is a small part of the garden that I have been trying to sort out for weeks but it has always got pushed to the bottom of my lists as other more urgent work took priority or it was far too hot to work under plastic ... until today that is. Today I was determined to clear the encroaching brambles once and for all, not least because I want to sow some seeds and the packets I need were buried somewhere in amongst those thorns.

This is what I started with this morning:

And this is how it looks now:

A job well done I think I can say!  

I found the seeds so tomorrow I shall be able to sow Chard, Spinach, Oriental Leaves, Spring Cabbage, Pak Choi and Turnips. Whilst some vegetable outside have suffered because of the wet weather the polytunnel has done well this year and so here's hoping these August sowings will keep us fed on into the Winter.


  1. Blimey, a job well done indeed!

  2. Is it Really Rosie???

    Okay, poor puns aside, you did a great job and having grown up on a farm I know it's not easy peasy to do.

    I hope your garden turns out well and really wish you'd share the rain!

  3. Thank you ladies! I am so pleased I finally got the corner cleared and sorted.

    I would love to share our rain with you Jacqueline. We had a massive downpour whilst I was watering the polytunnel yesterday (how ironic was that?)and eventually had to brave leaving and got soaked! Oh well at least this year the well hasn't dried up at all!!

  4. Sorry Rosie, I had to laugh when I saw that. I know we probably all have brambles that get out of control, but INSIDE the polytunnel as well as outdoors?!!! Good job, it looks neat and tidy now. Until they grow back, of course ;-)

  5. I pulled as much of the roots as possible, cut the rest well below ground level and then covered with 4 layers of landscape fabric. Hopefully that will keep them from returning!


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