Saturday, 14 July 2012

A Week In the Peaks

Manifold Trail

Thor's CaveMy usual annual pilgrimage, with Tom and Ben, to Whatstandwell Beer Festival didn't happen this year as we were waiting on Tom's new passport.  So we have come over this week for a few days and as usual have had a busy time, although the weather has been rather wet.

We arrived at Sally's after a very wet and long drive from Portsmouth last Friday.  Over 2 hours longer than expected. Spray and traffic galore!  

So it wasn't a quick start on the Saturday morning. We (Sally, Tom, Ben and myself) eventually got going and, as we were visiting friends in Sandbach in the evening, we decided to cycle the Manifold Trail on the way there. Weather wise it was reasonable and three of us managed to stay dry - whilst Tom take an unexpected dip in a ford!  We also climbed up to Thor's cave which overlooks the route.  Just as Tom had dried out the heavens opened and all 4 of us were soon drenched through.  Apart from the soaking it was a good ride and enjoyed by all. 

Then we had a lovely evening and Sunday with Eddie, Tracy and Dom in Sandbach -and appreciated all the washing and clothes drying they did for us as well

Ben ClimbingTom ClimbingMonday I took the boys to Matlock and they went swimming and skateboarding and had (not the best) fish and chips lunch.  Tuesday we took the boys to the climbing wall at Wirksworth. where they spent a few hours bouldering and single pitch climbing.  They both did well and gained a lot of confidence, especially in coming down.

On Wednesday we went to the Alton Towers Waterpark and had a full and exhausting day there - as we did last year.  Ben mastered the Masterblaster ride this year and once on made up for not going it last year - fortunately the place closes at 6pm otherwise I'd still be listening to - 'only one more go, pleaseeeeee'.

The Wetsuited Boys
Yesterday there was an overwhelming request to go back to the climbing wall by both boys - which we did.  Although belaying twos boys for a couple of hours is not good for the neck!  And in the afternoon I had booked the boys a 'taster' sailing lesson on Carsington Water.

On-shore training
The lesson was for an 1½ hour and they went through all the basics of sailing. Firstly sitting in the boat on land and then it was off into the reservoir for 'on the job' training.  Their initial setting of was a bit interesting, as they headed towards a line of rowing boats, but they soon got the hang of the rudder and were out into the middle of the lake. 

A Gentle SailThey were 'going about' quite well and then they were made to walk around the mast before having to capsize the boat.  Apparently the water was rather cold but they managed to right the boat and get back in, before they did some more turns.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and seemed to do quite well.

And today - yet another visit to the climbing wall.  Well Ben and I did.  For those that don't know Ben he is awake early and then keeps going all day - Tom's energy had ran out this morning so he stayed in with Sally, whilst I took Ben for more climbing.  I must admit my energy levels were on a par with Toms. 

This afternoon we took them to see Ice Age 4 (in 3D) - so a bit of a rest.  And I think the next couple of days are being planned as active.  At least I get a rest on the ferry home on Monday (I hope).

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  1. Wow......I'm tired just reading that!!

    Sounds like boyish fun though.

    Sue xx


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