Monday, 16 July 2012

Oh For A Rest!

Tom and Ben have disappeared to Sally's neighbours (Charlie and Eddie) to say goodbye as we return to France tomorrow. As they went I used one of those famous last words phases - 'Don't be long dinner is nearly ready'.  And here I am writing a post having turned off the the oven and vegetables. Sally hasn't returned from a boules match at the local pub but the boys can still have their dinner - in my dreams. 

Arrival of number one son.  The conversation is as follows
'Is dinner ready, dad?'
'Can't we wait for Sally? You only need to turn it off and continue later'
'Cooking's not quite like that but if you want to go off and play until Sally returns then don't blame me for over cooked food and soggy veg'
'Okay, dad'

And number one son is off - faster than I can say Billy the Whizz!

So for the last two days of our UK trip we have been orienteering at Black Rocks near Wirksworth (Saturday). Last year we did an orienteering event and I ran with Tom. So this year Ben said he wanted to go with me.  Now he may have found a love in climbing, cycling, swimming and water parks but orienteering - well frankly the interest was not there.  His brother Tom, with Sally, had disappeared into he yonder bracken but Ben just did what a only a disinterest Ben could do and that was that. 

What amazes me is we weren't last (34th out of 39).  And in fact we were only 8 minutes behind his brother. This may have been due to us going so slowly even I couldn't get the map reading wrong - I managed to impress myself a couple of time - and also that out of the 5 people behind us 3 missed controls or dropped out (therefore disqualified) and one man was over 80 years old. 

However it was a very pleasant morning, in a beautiful part of the country and Tom really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about map reading and navigation.  And Ben thinks I've extended his name to 'Comeonben'!

Today we went back to cycle the  Monsal Trail .  We did this last year (Monsal Trail and Back to France) and the boys wanted to go back there again.  This also meant Sally could give her very posh new bike a test run. It was a lovely day and we had a great ride. And for those that read last years post - Dave the dog is still there.

And tomorrow it's down to Portsmouth and the ferry back to France.  The time has flown by and we have had a great time.  I, for one, am looking for to a relaxing few hours on the ferry.

And our dinner - well it was okay.  Not a too over cooked Toad in the Hole.


  1. Ha ha - now why does Ben's non-interest in orienteering not surprise me?! Glad Tom enjoyed it and the rest of your week. Hope you have a good journey back and see you all this evening. Rosie xx

  2. Good to see the trip on the Monsal Trail. Must try it out now the tunnels are open. Did you get around to doing the cycle path near you and how was it?

  3. They did the Mortain to Vire ex-railway track a couple of weeks ago - 35kms with a couple of steep diversions! They were very tired at the end of that one!


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