Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Birthday and a Busy Week (Playing)

Birthday BMX
Last Wednesday was Ben's 9th birthday.  We had promised him a new mountain bike(MTB) - as Tom had on his 9th Birthday - but Ben had set his heart on a BMX.  A deal was done.  He bought the BMX with the birthday money he received and we got him a cheaper MTB and made up the difference on the BMX. Our feeling was the BMX was okay for stunts etc. but if he wanted to come out on a ride with us he would struggle without gears - though I do tell him I didn't have gears at his age!

So after 'Two Jags Prescott' - we have 'Two Bikes Ben'!  So one happy lad is now learning 'Bunny Hops' (I think) and other stunts. I'm glad I suggested to Sally (his Aunt) to buy him a BMX helmet plus knee and arm protectors.

Stunt Boy!
Climbing at Clecy
Sally came over to France for a few days and we decided to hit Suisse Normande.  Last Saturday we took Tom and Ben climbing at the rocks, in Clecy, over looking the River Orne.  They were a bit scared at times but said they enjoyed it and wanted to go again.  Sally and I did a couple of climbs as well. 

Bayeux War Cemetery
On Sunday Ben had a rugby tournament at the Bayeux rugby club.  As it was an all day event we took our bikes.  Having dropped Ben off we cycled into the town centre and did the tourist bit.  We went to the Tapestry.  This was a good time to see it as it wasn't too busy.  We then cycled around the town - with an interesting one way system - and visited the Cathedral.

After a picnic lunch we cycled to the British Cemetery, which was very moving. Tom was pleased because he chatted to an Old Soldier who was in Bayeux for the 68th Anniversary of the landings and was paying his respects to fallen colleagues. 

And Ben's team, Flers, came 9th out of 38 teams - so not too bad.

Sally and I did some more cycling and climbing, when the weather permitted.  No boys as there is no half term here - loads of Bank Holiday days though!  Yesterday, having been worn down by Ben's continuing asking, Sally and I took the boys kayaking again (I Went Canoeing 26-08-2012).  The weather was a bit mixed but even without the rain we got wet.  It was a very enjoyable trip down the Orne.  We then did a short cycle ride on the tracks around Clecy - and got soaked from a very heavy downpour.

So a very action packed week.

Kayaking - Clecy
Biking the 'Chemins'

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  1. ha I might have walked right past you in the street. I have just returned from a holiday in port en bessin.

    Gosh it was busy. But I packed the sight seeing in. The tapestry... why was it mine were the only eyes that saw the 3 rudey stitched men in the bottom?

    Mont St Michel, wow wee, pass me an oxygen mask next time. William the conquers castle... hmm it seemed to be clad on one side with a lot of metal. but the info on the tour was amazing. I loved the way you walked in to the room and the shade auto dropped and the commentary started and there were seats.

    We also visited the Canadian museum. Quite moved by that, the starting film was very atmospheric and set the scene. There are guided tours there also.

    I could wax lyrical about the things I saw on this trip. it truly was a trip of a life time. So much to see. Normandy really does have lots to see and do.

    one tip I have though is give Arrowmanche a wide berth on a French bank holiday. didnt realise that was what it was. Absolutely packed. Could hardly move, was swept along like a river. Saw the Cow man artist. Nearly bought one...

    Cant wait to go back to Normandy. There are things I need to see again, but not so close to the D-day celebrations, a little too busy for me.

    Watched a beautiful bride arrive to be married in the cathedral, tourists just carried on taking pictures of the divine stained glass.

    Very enjoyable. I would say to any one, have a holiday in France,step back in time, slow down and see how life should be lived.

    Sorry I have gone on. But I am a little wax lyrical at the moment.


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