Saturday, 26 May 2012

Water off a 'pigs' back

Pig Cooling

At long last some nice weather and the shorts are out again.  Although the pigs found in a little too warm and as I found them in the process of knocking their water bowl over I decided to hose them a mud bath to roll in.  And it was very much appreciated.  One of our sows and this pig, pictured, also enjoyed a good cooling shower whilst the other run away from the hose.

By the way - the shorts are for the humans not the pigs!


  1. I'm terribly disappointed now, I was hoping to see a pig in shorts!

    What breed is this pig? It's not one I'm familiar with.

  2. These pigs are Kune Kunes - a Maori/NZ breed. Usually very friendly and gentle.

  3. I'm glad you have happy pigs; we at last have happy sheep - first of two new fields finished and they are now wading through deep grass. We told them that if they get on and eat it. it'll turn into the length they prefer!

  4. Aw....lovely to see your Kune Kunes.

    They do appreciate it when you take the time to make them a wallow and give them a good shower don't they.

    And they would look good in shorts!

    Sue xx


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