Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Visit from the Firemen

Posted by Rosie

Don't worry, we weren't on fire nor in need of urgent medical assistance nor were any of the cats stuck up a tree. Instead this was our annual "firemen-flogging-you-a-calender-visit".  Now, whilst having a calender showing off lots of fire engine pictures may not be my first choice for a wall adornment this is something I really do not mind paying for. Many of the fireman and women who man our local fire-station at Vassy are volunteers, putting their lives at risk to keep us safe, including among them I have just seen, our family doctor. We are one of the few remaining regions in France where they will come and remove wasp and hornet nests for free (a service we have used before) whilst also attending all fires and road accidents in the region. I think these facts alone warrant a few Euros spent each year on a calender (which Ben has already asked to put up on his wall).

Although thinking about it, I wonder if they would sell more calenders if they were to include a picture of say, George Clooney in a fireman's costume .......?

(I did try and find a picture ladies but I'm afraid I failed miserably so you will have to make do with this one of Fireman Sam instead. Sorry!)


  1. You could always pitch the idea of a Full Monty style fundraiser...

  2. I'm really not sure I am ready to see my doctor in the all together :-0


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