Sunday, 20 November 2011

I'm too old for all of this.

Posted by Rosie

Late nights that is. 

Some fell by midnight
Last night it was the boys' school meal, run by the PTA; an annual event run to raise funds for various school trips (not least next April's big outing to Futuroscope - more of that another day). Previously we have never gone to the meals as they don't start until 8pm and in keeping with French tradition we always assumed that would mean the meal not being served until gone 9pm and maybe coffee might make an appearance around midnight, by which time the boys would be exhausted and horribly grumpy to be around. However, this year my good French friend, Gwenäel, had coerced me into going to PTA meetings and I got sucked into helping at the meal. 
Tom & Ben (boys to the right) lasted longer
Were we right about the lateness? Errm, not quite. We arrived at 8pm, almost the first there and saw there was to be a disco. This was going to be a LATE night.  Everyone gradually drifted in over the next hour and a half and the area in front of the bar filled quickly. Drinks make money so it was not until 9.45pm that we finally got our free Kir and starter. Even another French friend commented on how she wished she had eaten before coming and she is used to this sort of thing!  It was very much past midnight before coffee was served by which time the disco was in full swing, the beer and wine was flowing and everyone, adults and children alike, were having a great time.  I had planned to stay to the bitter end to help with all the clearing up but as time wore on the boys' ability to stay awake faded and it would have been unfair to make them stay. They had had such a good time but now they needed their beds. So what time did we leave? 3.45am!! Admittedly, the tables were cleared and much of the tidying up was done but there were a good number of dancers still strutting their stuff and I really dread to think what time the last of the PTA finally managed to lock the village hall doors. 
And many more were still dancing when we left
It was a great evening, the boys were so well behaved and hopefully it raised lots of money. However I am so not used to late nights and even though I only drank 2 glasses of Kir, today I have felt completely washed out. I crawled out of bed at 9.45am to feed some slightly cross animals, Ben followed around 10.30am and Tom wandered down at 11.00am.  I won't embarrass Simon by saying what time he eventually surfaced!


  1. ....please DO embarrass him....what time?

    I don't think I would have the stamina to stay up that late these days. Looking after animals daily really changes your body clock I've found.

    Sue xx


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