Thursday, 15 September 2011

I know - it needs a door!

New Shower
We now are the proud owners of an upstairs bathroom, with full working shower, hand basin and loo.  I have already used the shower and had a very pleasant 'cleaning experience'!  In fact I'm off in there after I've posted this.
New Toilet

And those early morning trips to the loo will be much shorter.  In winter, a blessing as it will be quickly back to a nice snug bed.

I've just got one or two finishing touches and must admit one of these is to fit the door - so not altogether private at the moment!


  1. Yes....I think a door is a necessity!! And maybe a curtain on the window?

    But it's looking good up to now.

    Sue xx

  2. simon ...i think we did a great job?
    door is yours to ady


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