Thursday, 22 September 2011

Internet and Television available at Eco-Gites

Posted by Rosie

We are pleased to announce that guests at Eco-Gites 
will now have Internet access, free of charge, and 
UK satellite TV on request for a small additional fee.

Up until now guests have been able to pick up our WiFi connection with varying degrees of ease, sometimes in the gite, sometimes only leaning over the garden gate. Now all that has changed with the gite having it's own Internet access. You just need an Ethernet cable to connect your laptop into the wall and you are free to surf away at your leisure, totally free of charge.

We are also offering guests the chance to have a TV showing UK programmes by satellite. Many families have already commented on how they have enjoyed NOT having the TV along with the constant nagging from (generally speaking) the younger members of the family who want to sit in front of the box rather that be out and about enjoying themselves in the fresh air. However, we are parents ourselves and we can't deny that at times, having a TV can be a godsend, so we have decided on what we hope will be a solution to please everyone:-

The gite will be let as TV free but for a small fee of €25 we will install a TV for your weeks stay complete with all the UK 'freeview' channels.  You can even choose to have the TV part way through the week should you later decide you want it.  Hopefully this way we can keep everyone happy when it comes to the question of,  "should we book a gite with or without a TV?" It's your choice at Eco-Gites of Lénault :-)


  1. I think that's a great idea to let the customer decide if they want the TV rather than supplying it straight away. Kids on holiday, we have found, just accept there is no English TV and usually just get on with it. It's nice to know it's there if you fancy it.

  2. And at the same time it's better for the owner as well as you pay Audiovisuel tax for each TV which is quite expensive (123 euros) in France.

  3. Translated from the Taxe d’Habitation Website

    Only one TV licence is payable per household, irrespective of the number of televisions in a property, or the number of properties owned by the same household.

  4. Welcome to the blog Karen. That was pretty much our view of things but thought it might be a useful extra for winter visitors.


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