Monday, 11 July 2011

Monsal Trail and Back to France

Monsal Trail
The boys and I are now back home in France after a very busy week in England.  On our final day we cycled the Monsal Trail  in the Peak District.  This is an 8.5 mile trail between Bakewell and Buxton on the old railway route. The trail has just been fully opened on completion of repairs to the 6 tunnels.

Newly Opened Tunnel
I parked up at Hassop Station about 1½ miles along the trail, from Bakewell, thinking that Tom and Ben would not do the whole 17 miles (there and back).  We then cycled, on a very gently upward incline, to Wyedale, through some stunning scenery.  There was plenty to see and lots of information about the route, the history of the railway and the wildlife.

The Main Attraction - Dave the Dog
It took us a sedate 1½ hours to reach Wyedale. This is one end of the route and we found the Lazy Days Tuck Shop here.  Drinks for the boys and a well earnt cup of tea for me where soon purchased to go with our picnic. You can hire bikes here as well ( if you need to.  Plus there is the added attraction (and I think the highlight of the boy's whole week) of Dave the Dog.

Rain Stop
After lunch we cycled back to the car but we than decided to do the rest of the trail down to Bakewell - where we had to buy a Bakewell Tart, of course.  We did have to take cover a couple of times for heavy down pours of rain on route (very useful these tunnels) otherwise the weather was pretty good.

So we did the trail both ways plus cycled to and from Bakewell itself.  The boys notched up a good 19 mile (30km) ride and my bottom was definetly glad to get off the bike saddle.  If you like a good walk, cycle or horse ride this is a great place to go, especially with kids.  We had a great time - well maybe not my bottom!

Saturday was the drive to Portsmouth and ferry home which was not that eventful - apart from Sally having to catch me up, as Ben had left the all important 'Barney the Bear' at her house.  And at Portsmouth we picked up Lou - our HelpX from last year - who is now staying with us for a couple weeks.  The boys didn't know she was joining us and their faces where a picture when they realised.

Finally thanks, again, to Sally for a great week and putting up with us.  And sorry about my mishaps, breaking a glass full of wine, knocking over a full cup of coffee and blaming you for burning toast, whilst in fact it was me trying to set fire to your house (oops) !!!!!

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  1. Exciting news that the tunnels are open! Last time I went through was in the old days of them being closed and having to walk around!


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