Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lost duckling

Posted by Rosie

A couple of days ago Simon and I lost a duckling and only 14 of the little ones rushed out for breakfast instead of 15. Now ducklings are not the easiest of things to count, especially when they are legging it from one bowl to another and also when there are 10 big ducklings, 2 adults and 5 turkeys to further confuse the issue. It was also slightly worrying because only 2 days before, we had introduced Harold, the drake, back in with the youngsters and he does have previous for duckling assault. No-one could be sure the duckling actually went in the night before (see earlier point about difficulties counting ducklings) yet we were sure in the morning that we could hear it ... somewhere. The shed was checked. Large patches of nettles were checked. Inside and outside of the duck enclosure and the neighbouring field were checked. No duckling.

Throughout the day we recounted the ducklings and there was still only 14. We resigned ourselves to the fact that Harold had attacked it the day before and it had gone off somewhere to die.

What happened was the missing duckling ?
However, for those of you with a nervous disposition, this is a story with a happy ending. Come supper time the mystery was solved and 15 little ducklings went to bed that night. So who reckons they know what had happened to our missing duckling?


  1. They were obviously playing with you..just you wait for the time when there are 16...that'll be the real mystery...

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  3. duckling jokes eh?

    hiding under the food bowl?


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