Friday, 24 June 2011

Fete de la Musique

Posted by Rosie
The French celebrate the longest day (June 21st) with music festivals of all different types in most towns, either on June 21st itself or on the nearest weekend.  Last year there was a bit of a mix up with information - one poster said the music fete at Aunay was on Fri evening, the other said Sat evening - we went on Saturday so guess which was the correct night!! This year we doubly checked the details and went to a different town on June 21st itself .... and we were not disappointed. 

As we arrived in Condé-sur Noireau there was a band playing in the village square but as it was still early there wasn't much else happening. So we toddled off to our favourite restaurant (Les Trois Ecus) for delicious pizzas and then came out to enjoy the 3 bands that were then playing.  All were very different and all very enjoyable.  Tom was particularly impressed to see his music teacher in the jazz band (the lady in the back row) and now he is even more keen to start to learn an instrument.  He fancies the guitar, she wants him to learn the clarinet and I reckon either the violin or flute. I wonder what he'll end up learning?


  1. Hi there! Glad to have discovered your super blog. We are very involved with the Fete de Musique - our daughter sang last Friday at an inter-college concert - she and her friend sang a duet, despite a fit of the giggles, and my son, doing music at Limoges, played guitar in his band for SIX hours on the pavement - and, got up to do a Bac exam at 8am the next morning... we have always loved the Fete - it's nice to see it every year. Rgds, Carol

  2. "I wonder what he'll end up learning?"

    The drums?!!

  3. Hi Carol and welcome to the blog. Like I said, our older son is quite musical and sang with his brother and a friend at a musical BBQ we went to last night - having announced earlier in the evening that he no longer likes singing! Well done your children for being so involved. I'm not musical but I do enjoy listening and would love at least one of the boys to play something.

    Jo - I shall ignore that suggestion!!


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