Thursday, 26 May 2011

Snap-shot of a May Day

Posted by Rosie
Outside my window - I can see things all over the place after today's wind and very yellow looking grass despite today's sporadic rain showers.

I am thinking - that I really must stop harping on about the lack of rain.

From my kitchen - I can see elderflower "champagne" which I am determined will not explode this year.  It's in plastic fizzy drinks bottles and I'm releasing the gas every day.

I am wearing - Trousers and an old sweatshirt from the days when I worked at Gravesham County Council.  It sports the logo "Going for Green".
I am going - to bake some spuds for dinner in a minute, with turkey livers and home-grown peas.

I am reading - various cookbooks looking for inspiration.

I am hearing - nothing except a snoring cat.

Around the house - it's still messy.
One of my favourite things is - my bag.  My sister-in-law brought it back from Nepal; it's worn so well despite being many years old and is just the right size for all the things I need without all sorts of clutter I don't need.
And here is my picture for thought - How could anyone not enjoy living here when this is the valley just yards from our house?


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