Thursday, 21 April 2011

Buff Orpington Chicks

Posted by Rosie  
Ever since I saw Buff Orpington chicks that my friend had, I have had Buffie Envy.  I wanted some.  Some-one must have heard my plea, because only a few weeks later I had a chicken go broody and found some-one locally who was selling fertile Buff Orpington eggs.  The broody was moved to separate quarters, the eggs were exchanged for some of our pork and my fingers were well and truly crosed for a successful hatch.  21 days later, 6 of the nine eggs hatched, just in time for guests arriving in the gite this afternoon :-)

(Sorry the pictures aren't too good - Mum is very protective and the run is not camera friendly.)


  1. I have a Blu Orpie, she is going broody so I am going to sit her on some Buffs and see what happens!

    Lovely photos of lovely chicks....

  2. So cute! I noticed the chicks have some brown markings on the tops of their heads. I have 1 week old buff orpingtons with the same marks and was wondering what yours look like now as adults?


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