Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wine and Pancakes - eventually

Posted by Rosie

OK - so I admit it - we completely forgot to have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.  However our attempt to rectify this by having them a yesterday was foiled .... by the arrival of a wine rep.  The gentleman and his wife, a local couple we know through our neighbour, insisted we sample the wares such that by the time they left we were in no fit state to attempt to cook pancakes (and a considerable amount of Euros poorer with a several cases of wine ordered!). 

But we finally managed pancakes today.  Smoked salmon, spinach, egg and crème fraîche crêpes for main course followed by thicker American pancakes for afters with yoghurt and stewed fruit or simply the traditional lemon and sugar. Thank you chickens for the eggs, the local farm cows for the milk, the polytunnel for the spinach and the garden/freezer for the stewed fruit.

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