Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Simon's UK Trip

Posted by Simon

Chestnut Coppice
Today I'm staying at a friends near Poole in Dorset before catching the ferry back to France tomorrow morning.  Apart from catching up with friends I'm spending some time shopping for the 'all English' food supplies.  Some of this things are available in France but are expensive.  On the list is cheddar cheese, marmite, bran flakes and Bramley apples plus a few other things may have, accidentally, fallen into the shopping trolley on the way round the aisles - beer (bitter) and bacon for example. 

I have been in the UK for just over a week helping a friend coppicing chestnut trees in a lovely old coppiced woodland.  The weather was mixed but fortunately we did not get too wet this time and definitely not snowed on.  Plus - like taking coals to Newcastle - I have filled up the back of the pick-up with loads of firewood.  This will probably get me some strange looks at the port tomorrow but getting free firewood makes sense to me.

Wasps v Saracens
As the coppicing is very heavy work we now work Thursday, Friday and Saturday, then Monday and Tuesday.  This gives the poor old muscles a rest on the Sunday. Plus it seems a good excuse to get to a rugby match.  This time we went to see Wasps v Saracens at High Wycombe. Again it was a good entertaining afternoon of rugby, although a little cold.

Well I have a few more items to get from the shopping list, and may even sneak in a pint of decent bitter, before getting packed and ready for my early start tomorrow morning.

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