Sunday, 20 March 2011

Our New Ducks

Posted by Rosie

Well if you think Muscovies are ugly ducks then our new Indian Runner ducks are the silliest-looking members of the duck world:

Apparently they come in a range of colours but ours have what I would call traditional feathering, but it isn't their colour that makes them funny; it is their gait.  They look like they are permanently stretching up for something but when the move, they do not waddle but, as their name suggests, they run ..... fast.  So why the funny looking ducks you may ask?  Eggs.  Indian Runners are good egg layers and at 5 months these should come into lay sometime soon.  Duck eggs are brilliant for cake making and in my opinion they make the best meringues ever.  As pavlova is a bit of a family favourite here hopefully the girls will be earning their keep soon. In the meantime they are more than entertaining us with their silly walk and gentle quacking. 


  1. they are daft looking though... :D

  2. Glad they're settling in :D

  3. They're real characterful ducks aren't they the Indian Runners.

    Last week at the Smallholders Sale they were the most popular of the birds for sale, with a group of four being sold for over £140.

    I think we may have to cadge a few fertile eggs from our friends for a chicken to sit on and save some of our pennies.

    I bet you have many happy hours 'wasted' watching their antics.


    Sue xx

  4. Daft - but you can't help but smile when watching them : )

    I hope they lay for you soon.

  5. Thank you.

    4 for £140 - I'm glad my seller didn't see that!!

  6. How ridiculous. It looks like you've digitally altered the photograph. I especially like the one in front. He looks like he should be wearing a waistcoat!

  7. No digital wizardry I promise and I fully agree about the waistcoat. Still to name them yet but the boy is likely to be Ernest and the girls possibly Edna and Edith.

  8. :-) The drake looks like a thin elderly "earnest" Vicar. Lovely ducks :-) All the best - Sue


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