Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mad Pigs and Englishmen Go Out For a Little Walk

Com' on Pigs
For the last few days we have been introducing our four remaining piglets to the delights of fresh grass.  This means moving them from their pen to one of the fields and, as it can still be quite cold at night, taking them back to there sleeping quarters for the night.  And overall it has gone quite well.  We have had a few little run-a-rounds plus one or two carried, but now they seem to be learning their way and all raced home this evening  They do have a shelter in the field and will eventually use this when the nights are warmer.

And talking of piglets, our friends, C &L, rung us the other day and said the three piglets, that they had from us, have settled in well - eventually.  Eventually?  Yes, eventually - because less than 24 hours after they had put the piglets in their new enclosure there was a knock on the door and a local family asked C & L if they owed 3 pigs. 'Yes we do, why?'  'Well they are in our garden at this moment!' 

So not long after C & L are chasing said piglets around their neighbour's garden - about 500 metres by road from their house.  Eventually one pig is caught but the other two think the grass is greener!  So C decides to put the ensnared pig in the car, before making an attempt to get the others, when he realises he is being followed.  Right thinks C 'I'll walk home and see what happens' and with one piglet tucked under his arm he sets off home and sure enough 2 piglets followed - all the way back through their village to home, and not without one or two amused looks from neighbours.

And I had to interrupt writing this post to help Rosie catch one of the Indian Runner Ducks - who, we were told, do not fly.  They do! 


  1. ROFL! Aren't pigs wonderful. I love them and even went on a pig-keeping taster day once, but after that life got in the way unfortunately.

    On a completely different subject, may I ask you please if you could tell me what font size you're using? I've been trying to improve my blog's appearance, but am having problems with font size. I use Trebuchet and your font size looks like what I was aiming for until Blogger had other ideas. Thanks in advance.

  2. Oh we've had had many a runaround with a pig.

    The latest piggy antics here on the farm involve the Kune Kunes. They have realised that a mad rush through the electric fence works with only the mildest of shocks being administered and if they come and hover around the back door I will lead them with a bribe of pig nuts back to their enclosure.

    Brains and beauty all in a pig!

    Sue xx


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