Thursday, 3 February 2011

New Blog Layout

Posted by Rosie

When Simon was writing his blog yesterday he was trying to sort something with the photos when he found some other layouts.  The blog is 2 years old now so it seemed a good time to give it a facelist.

Hope you like it.


  1. Looks very good.

    If you go into 'Design' and then 'Advanced' you can play about even more!!

    Sue xx

  2. Love your blog and follow it regularly, but I'm afraid I'm not keen on the coloured fonts, especially on a fawn background. I have quite poor sight (cataracts) and the contrast just isn't good enough for easy reading. Sorry.....

  3. Perpetual - thanks for your comment and we appreciate what you are saying. We use the different colours depending who is posting the blog but this new blog design has fewer font colours. So we've had a bit of a play with fonts and sizes but it appears blogger is throwing in some glitches and won't change some of the posts. However the Posts "Spring is on it's way" and "It's snow much fun" are different fonts and sizes and we wondered if they were easier to read or whether it was simply the green colour that was causing you difficulties. Any older posts are with the original green colour which we can't change, likewise the green in the Special Offers on the sidebar as I copied this over from the old design. Let us know how you get on.


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