Saturday, 19 February 2011

Life's Just Not Fair

Posted by Simon

It's just not fair
Fence and Gates
With two medium/large dogs (and sometimes we look after two others) it has always been a bit of a concern of ours that guests arriving to stay in the gite are met by two (or four) excitable dogs.  Even for people who do not mind dogs it can be a little unnerving at times and for children even worse.  So we have now fenced and gated the area outside our house so the dogs cannot pounce on unsuspecting guests.  I can safely say the dogs are NOT IMPRESSED!

It also has the added advantage that if guests are having a meal outside or a BBQ, (I'm optimistic for a hot summer) than two pestering hounds are not slobbering over their sausages! I'm sure, given half a chance, both our dogs could make the odd burger disappear - if not a make a whole meal of it.  So these barriers also gives as peace of mind, although the cats will be a different matter!

Yesterday I had to go into the local town to get some hinges for the gates and as I set off I thought I should take the camera.  Well I didn't and it was one of those days that where ever you looked there was a great photo waiting to be taken. I cursed myself a few times as I drove along for not bringing the camera - but as I arrived home the adjacent valley and fields were shrouded in mist and luckily enough I was able to get the camera before the cloud disappeared.


  1. Lovely photo, absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thank you - Simon was just kicking himself that he didn't have the camera earlier as he saw some beautiful views.


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