Sunday, 13 February 2011

Farewell Ram

Posted by Simon

Rosie had posted earlier this year that we were reviewing our livestock situation - Sheep Update - and today our ram has gone to a new home with nine ewes to keep him happy.  We are really pleased (tinged with a little sadness) as we wanted him to go somewhere to be used as a ram should be rather then destined for the freezer.  He has done as proud and hopefully will be pleased with his new home and the ewes!  The people who took him are French/Moroccan and wanted a ram with horns - common in Morocco but unusual in French breeds.  We will not be without sheep though and in the spring we will be getting some lambs to fatten up.
Home Made Butter

Also we made our first butter pat from cream we had got using the milk separator.  Lovely creamy butter with home made bread and chutney - unfortunately on this occasion the ham was shop bought - but nevertheless very yummy.


  1. sounds like we are going similar ish ways

    we plan to get store lambs to fatten to hogget :)

  2. We are getting Rammy's lambs back in April to fatten up and we may try and get in a bottle-fed orphan/reject. The latter many not be the cheapest way to raise a lamb but there are too many gites you can go to and get to bottle feed a lamb.


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