Sunday, 13 February 2011

The dogs are in the dog house

Posted by Rosie

The trouble is that if you leave the duck shed door open and the dogs are outside, dogs will do what dogs will do and sadly the result is they have eaten Hilda's eggs.  I suppose the saving grace (if there is one) is that they were a very early clutch and could quite easily have hatched in very bad weather, reducing their chances of survival.  Hopefully she will lay another clutch soon enough and of course Matilda hasn't starting laying yet so all is not lost.  Still really sad though, seeing Hilda calling for her lost eggs.


  1. Poor Hilda, still dogs will be dogs!!

    Better luck next time. :(

    Sue xx

  2. Thanks folks - she does seem to have forgotten about her eggs (I don't suppose ducks have a massively long memory) so hopefully both she and Matilda will come into lay again soon.


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