Sunday, 2 January 2011

Simple Woman's Christmas Daybook

Posted by Rosie

I saw this idea on Our Front Plot's Blog and thought I would add my answers for today so readers can have a sort of instant view of life here today without having to come and visit.

Outside my Window - it's getting dark and the Christmas lights have just come on.

I am thinking - that I really must get and cook the boys some dinner. It's back to school tomorrow so an early night is needed.

From my kitchen - I can smell nothing because I am on here rather than cooking the boy's dinner!

I am wearing - jeans, a T-shirt and zipped top that really do not match and my comfy but rather threadbare slippers.

I am creating - nothing at the moment but I have lots of plans and ideas.

I am going
- to cook the boy's dinner in just a minute.

I am reading - L'étranger by Albert Camus (In French she says smugly)

I am hearing - the boys playing a board-game.

Around the house - there are loads of things that need to go in the loft but can't until I have first sorted the loft so Simon can then get on converting it into our new spare bedroom.

One of my favourite things is - the wood burner - it heats the whole house, I can cook on it, it heats the washing up water, dries our clothes and breathes life into our house.

Here is "picture for thought" that I am sharing - Ben and Tom with their good friend from the UK. Is it just me or do you think they are plotting something?


  1. Wood burners are great and make a lovely heart to a household o work around

  2. It's especially good when it is still alight in the morning and the downstairs is all toasty warm.


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