Monday, 3 January 2011


Posted by Simon

I've just let the dogs out and discovered that it is, albeit lightly, snowing again. We will see what the morning brings. And now that the festive season is over we are pleased to say that we have had some interest in the gite for this coming year.

We already have four confirmed bookings and have a couple of queries outstanding. This has been a great boost to us especially as the four bookings were all made last year whilst we were not really expecting much to happen until after Christmas - one of the clients is, also, a return booking.

Over the New Year weekend we had friends staying in the gite and we were (as I'm sure they were) really pleased at how warm it was. We have heavily insulated the gite and our hope was that the wood burner would provide enough heat - well it certainly did, although we did have some other heaters ready just in case! In fact we used the gite for a New Year get together plus we had dinner round there the next evening and on both occasions had to let the fire burn down as it got too warm.

Giving the gite a winter heat testing again pleased us as the area here is great for an 'out of peak season' holiday and nice warm accommodation certainly helps. Lovely for sitting around with a glass of mulled wine and a good book or playing a game. Plus there are lots of walk and cycle routes - and I'm working on producing an information pack on these -and other tourist things to do.

On completion of the gite I had in my mind a target number of lets for 2010 and considering we did not open, nor start to advertise, until mid-July we met this plus had couple of long weekends lets. We thought we might get a booking over Christmas but taking into account the weather conditions and Christmas day being on the Saturday we were not surprised we didn't get one.

Well we are now into 2011 and our first proper year of having the gite open - so we are quietly confident of meeting our targets for this year.

So, here's wishing everyone all the best for 2011 and once again we'd like to thank everybody who helped, and supported us, with getting the gite up and running.


  1. wishing you and your family a happy new year and a full gite year too !

  2. Thank you CiG - and a Happy New Year to you and yours too


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