Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Bleep, Bleep, Flash, Flash

Posted by Simon

The snow is now melting slowly away although it is now getting a bit slushy and wet. Christmas Day is over and the boys are still playing with their presents and none seem to be broken - famous last words -yet.

We went to our friends Ian and Jane for Christmas lunch which was very nice - thanks once again to them for having us all. Home produced turkey and loads of veg. As usual everyone 'pigged' out. A very pleasant day had by all.

The boy's Granny gave them a digital camera each (joint Christmas and birthday present) and these have been the highlight of all the presents. The cameras recharged at least three if not four times.The memory cards have been downloaded quite a few times. And still the bleep and flash of the cameras are all around us.

Everything and everyone has been photographed. There are a huge variety of interesting photos including floors, ceilings, dogs and cats - all from a selection of differing angles. Clouds, sky, buildings and pigs have not escaped the eagled eyed photographers. Christmas presents have been lined up for still life and the Christmas lunch table is firmly set in digital celluloid. Nothing has been safe from the lenses of two future David Baileys. And, of course, being little boys bottoms were not ruled out of the equation (I believe deleted before mum or dad saw - or so they thought).

All their presents seem to be a hit but especially the cameras. Everyone had a good Christmas and lovely presents. BUT how much memory does this computer have - I wonder?


  1. Glad you all had a great Christmas folks. Happy flashing!

    Have a great New Year! Let's hope the weather is kinder for smallholding!

  2. Thank you WW and I hope you had a great Festive Season as well.

    Our snow has just about gone now but it is frosty again this morning - which looks beautiful as everything is covered in a white rime.

    Wishing you all the best for 2011 and hope to see you over here again soon.


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