Wednesday, 8 December 2010

On going list!

Posted By Simon

I've been back here a week now and it has been it's usual non-stop list of jobs to get on with. The snow here was washed away by Saturday and although cold the weather has been better than in parts of the UK.

One of the jobs was to slaughter the first three of our Kune Kune pigs. This was done Friday and then on Saturday we butchered them up into various cuts and loads of mince. A chop was quickly fried up on top of the wood burner and divided up for a taste test. I think Ben summed the taste up by instantly asking for more or even better chops for dinner - duly actioned. The rest is now in the freezer although Rosie made faggots this evening which were lovely. There is something very rewarding in producing your own meat from birth to table - the slaughtering aside!

We now have another helper staying for a couple of weeks so we are getting on with insulating the attic and are splitting it up making it into a guest room cum living room and a storage area. This job was started over a year ago put on hold whilst we finished the gite and now it's happening again. Proper storage will be great as there are still boxes that have not been unpacked since we arrived here. Also the extra room will be blessing when people stay - especially pleasing Tom who is nearly always moved to accommodate guests.

Returning to the subject of pigs we should be - well the sows should be - having more piglets very soon. So one other job that had to be done was to separate the pigs into their own pens. This entailed some fencing being done and making each their own bedroom. As seems the norm, this one job led to about another 3 or 4 jobs that were not on my list. At least we got some other areas tidied up and sorted that were not urgent but it does all helps.

Anyway check the blog for updates on 'Pig Watch Lenault' - we could be busy in that department very soon.


  1. Nooo! Not the piggies! Not that I am a towny vegetarian softy or anything, but this has broken my heart a little bit! I always hoped you would decide to keep them as working pigs...have you not seen the film 'Babe'??

  2. We have just had our 2 Tamworth pigs turned into bacon, ham and pork. The meat is delicious. We've just finished one of the hams which my hubby said was the best he'd ever eaten. It's certainly very satisfying to raise one's own meat and know that they have had a happy life. We will be getting some more pigs but probably in about 6months time.
    Best wishes Bridget


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