Friday, 3 December 2010

Advent is here

Posted by Ben

Tom and I are both opening the advent calender on Nature Detectives. Dec 1st was making gingerbread trees which Mummy and I made and Tom helped to decorate. This is a picture of me with one of the trees. It tasted very gingery and was yummy scrummy.

Mummy made some advent calenders and and so far I have opened a Christmas Pudding, some presents and a snowman. Tom has had some holly, a rock star snowman and a Christmas tree.


  1. Hey Ben! Nice blog! You and Tom should do them more often. I am very jealous of the gingerbread trees, they look delicious! I miss baking with you guys!

  2. They were very tasty Hulabaloo - I loved them. Sorry you didn't have any, you'll just have to come over here again sometime soon ;-)

  3. Come here and eat some then Hulabaloo!!!!!


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