Saturday, 13 November 2010

Windy or What?

Posted by Simon

For the last couple of days wind has been howling across here - as in the UK - and yesterday was the worst. I went round the place to check for anything that could be blown away and if there was a remote chance, this the item was either put into barns, non windy areas or weighed down. And the chimney we had built on the gite seemed fine.

So I went back to pottering in my 'den' - us men do - and a little later I was wondering what Rosie was up to. It was quite noisy whatever it was. Then I heard Rosie shouting for help. The boy's trampoline had taken off and was now in the sheep's field - upside-down. The sheep were rather bemused watching Rosie and I trying to get the safety net off and holding it all down at the same time. A couple of gust caused us some concern as the net was picked up in the wind but eventually we got the net off and away, although the trampoline itself is still in with the sheep.

Well, as someone pointed out, we could end up with some woolly jumpers!

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